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The Alpacas are Nick Harper, Greg Lee, Brett Garner, and Brent Lee: a four-piece rock and roll band from Barrie, Ontario. The Alpacas aim to write honest, hooky, and heavy tunes that strike a balance between raw and refined. The Alpacas live show is loud and quiet, fast and slow, tidy and unkempt –– but above all, The Alpacas look to create some good time vibes and entertain an audience.

Greg Lee: Born in the year of the Horse, Greg Lee can sing like a bird and scream like a wildcat from Northern Ontario. His favourites are The Who, The Replacements, and Hüsker Dü.

Brett Garner: Brett was naturally gifted with the calloused fingers of a sea-faring gentleman. His leathery paws give him the ability to produce very low frequencies on the bass guitar. His favourites are Attack In Black, The Strokes, and DFA1979.

Nick Harper: Nick's timing is impeccable, he’s never been late his entire life. Some drummers practice to metronomes, but metronomes practice to Nick Harper’s drumming. His favourites include: Nirvana, Queens of the Stone Age, and Alexisonfire. 

Brent Lee: At the tender age of 11, Brent Lee lost his ability to see far distances. No longer able to watch re-runs of Full House, he abandoned television and turned his attention to the family guitar. His favourites include: The Raconteurs, The Rolling Stones, and Ryan Adams. 


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The Best Is Behind You (2016 LP)

The Best Is Behind You (2016 LP)

Mezzanine (2015 Single)

Mezzanine (2015 Single)

Good Luck (2015 EP)

Good Luck (2015 EP)

2014 EP

2014 EP

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